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To Guanghui Peng, general manager of CBFI ice maker, technology is the core competitive power as part of the refrigeration equipment enterprises. In addition to assist you to cooperating with Tsinghua University, Koller has cooperated with South China University of Technology, escalating the range of products applications, including duplicate ski resort, cryogenic refrigeration, etc. Also, Koller has cooperated with the Ministry of Agriculture, Chinese Fishery Sciences Academy Fishery Engineering Background work Institute, carrying out application of artificial blizards on the fishery project. Although belongs to this minority industry, Koller growing rapidly. However, with usually the increasingly grim situation of foreign promote in recent years, CBFI ice maker has headed its overseas market to the nation wide market. 'We are thinking of using the professional route in the household market, targeting on the ice appeal in ports, chemical, food and other one industries.' Guanghui Peng told the 'China Business' reporter, domestic sales will provider for about 40% of the to summarize turnover this year.
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