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Count in situ laboratory Tian Feng advantage in freeze drying machine

The new lab in situ freeze drying machine has the features in position, and optional area 0. 1 square, 0. 4 square 0. 6 square. On the price, compared with the same area of pilot type lyophilizer, affordable and small size, flexibility is strong; Compared with traditional laboratory lyophilizer bell jar type, can replace normal function, and easy to operate, the lyophilization process without human intervention.
the following for you to count the in situ lab freeze-drying machine advantages and features:
1, in situ to precool dry, PID control, show that the drying curve;

2, square tray is out of shape not easily, easy to operate, easy to clean;

3, charging valve can be configured, can abandon dry inert gas;

4, liquid crystal display: shelf temperature curve, cold trap temperature curve, sample temperature curve, combination of vacuum degree curve and curve;

5, in the process of running parameters can modify the program, and recording the final drying curve;

6, patent products, advanced technology;

7, beautiful fashion, small size;

8, touch screen operation, one key start, the lyophilization process automatic control, easy and convenient;

9, can be independently set and real-time adjust the lyophilization process, can display freeze-dried data and freeze-drying curve;

10, key parts imported brands, small noise, large capacity, high quality guarantee high performance;

11, the system is advanced, running current is small, low energy consumption;

12, SUS304 stainless steel plate and the tank material, safeguard;

13, transparent organic glass door, the lyophilization process directly observed materials;

14, fast defrost technology, overtemperature protection automatically.

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