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Energy saving refrigeration solution supplier since 2004.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Could Guangzhou Icesource buy you a Mojito?


Mojito is very distinctive cocktail. This concoction has a refreshing taste and simple ingredients. Usually made with rum, lime, soda, mint, syrup and ice. 

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The mojito icy taste requires ice is thick and transparent. It is the smallest and has the best melting resistance. And cube ice is available in a variety of seizes. Its outer size : 22*22*22mm / 29*29*22mm / 38*38*22mm,etc. Glass sizes are usually small, and cube ice in a container doesn’t take up much room for other ingredients, giving the wine a special taste.

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So, how does transparent, beautiful cube ice get made?

Guangzhou Icesource Refrigeration(CBFI) is the creator of large-scale edible ice cube machines. It has a core invention patent (patent number: 200710030591.7). It uses self-developed flat-wall liquid film heat exchange and circulating hot air ice extraction technologies to change the defects that small ice cube machines have, which are low production capacity, high power consumption, uneven ice thickness, and unstable ice removal. 

At the same time, Icesource also provide a one-stop solution for the fully automated large-scale food ice production line, which can reduce labour costs, improve production efficiency, and ensure the safety and health of the ice in all aspects.

The cube ice machine has the following 6 characteristics.

1. Safety and Health: the body is made of 302 stainless steel; special tank design, automatic cleaning, sanitation, safety, meet QS inspection requirements.

2. Low power consumption: 85- 90 degrees/ton in summer, ambient temperature below 23 inches, 70-85 degrees/ ton.

3. Automatic operation: PLC centralized control, ice thickness automatic adjustment, automatic ice formation, deicing, water replenishment, fully automatic production, no manual adjustment.

4. Large ice yield: stable yield from 1 ton to 20 tons per machine.

5. Stable performance: ice crystal clear, high hardness, uniform rules, beautiful and generous, storage within inches long, clean and sanitary, completely in line with the national hygienic requirements for edible ice.

6. Brand accessories: compressor are made from Germany Bitzer, electrical accessories are made from Sirments, LG, etc,.

Compared with the traditional small ice machine, this large cube ice machine has the characteristic of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, durability and environmental protection. It is a fully automated machine that can be operated end used by itself. Granular ice can be made safely and quickly without the need for difficult technical manipulation.

At present, the large cube ice machine produced by Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd has been favored by many enterprises and service places. In places that need cube ice, such as hotels, bars, banquet halls, western restaurants, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, cold drinks shops and food preservation, large cube ice can be seen. The progress of science and technology is constantly creating new products, and these new products are bound to bring out life into a more comfortable and fast era.


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