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Cosmetics producing freeze-drying machine working principle and advantages

Cosmetics producing freeze-drying machine working principle and advantages! To and everybody said, just as its name implies is a used to make beauty whitening repair factor, such as cosmetics producing freeze-drying machine equipment, the manufacture cosmetics producing principle is the cosmetic liquid industrial ice machine in a sterile environment, then let cosmetics under vacuum freeze solid ice directly into a gas to sublimation, leaving a dry powder, which is what we call the producing. Among them, the freeze drying machine includes frozen for refrigeration equipment, used in the vacuum of vacuum pump and heating equipment for heating, thus will freeze the heated object, by making the solid directly into a gas, to achieve the purpose of the freeze-dried.

cosmetics producing freeze-drying mechanism for producing benefits, lies in the low-temperature freeze-drying operation, can avoid protein, such as microbial not degeneration or lose their biological activity, in the process of freeze drying, the role of the growth of microbes and enzymes to, so can keep the original character, because in the frozen state to dry, so almost the same size, you can keep the original structure, enrichment phenomenon will not occur, and easy oxidation of some substances can also be protected.

type gland freeze drier

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