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Cordyceps sinensis dry processing methods and Chinese caterpillar fungus the lyophilizer

Chinese herbal medicine usually come back later harvested, were to be in a timely manner at the time of preliminary processing and dry. The purpose of drying is the removal of medicinal materials contained in the water, reduce the volume, easy transportation and storage. Dry according to the types of Chinese herbal medicine, the nature of the active ingredients, the characteristics of the medicinal materials, selecting the appropriate approach to dry.

drying is one of the ways to keep the material from decaying. Many dry method, such as drying, cooking, drying, vacuum drying and spray drying. But the drying methods are above 0 ℃ or under higher temperature. Dry the products obtained are generally smaller, texture harden and oxidation occurred some, most lose some volatile components, some of the heat sensitive material, such as protein, vitamin degeneration will happen. After drying of lose energy, biological material is not easy to be dissolved in water, etc. So after drying of products compared with dry before there's a big difference in character.

a, dried cordyceps:

to mud, the caterpillar fungus with sediment brushing; Dried, the excavation of the new grass to dry, make the dry degree of more than 90%.

2, Chinese caterpillar fungus drying:

just picking out of Chinese caterpillar fungus moisture content is higher, usually around 80%, by raising the temperature of drying equipment, high temperatures make cordyceps drops, the water content of the cordyceps sinensis drying situation through the observation hole observation, until the cordyceps drying to can crush.


cordyceps efficacy is associated with the temperature of drying/drying, high temperature will result in cordycepin antioxidants such as decomposition, loss of activity. Cordycepic acid, such as Chinese caterpillar fungus polysaccharide retention is the key to accurate temperature control. The sun to dry in the morning, noon, afternoon is different, the temperature of region climate is different, Chinese caterpillar fungus drying Angle is different, completely can predict control, the problem of Chinese caterpillar fungus and dried, poor efficacy.

and low-temperature freeze-drying technology ( Also called vacuum freeze drying technology) Drying method is different from above, the product dry basically under 0 ℃, the temperature of frozen condition in the product, until later, in order to further reduce the residual water content of the products, to make products to more than 0 ℃ temperature, but generally not more than 40 ℃

3, Chinese caterpillar fungus freeze-dried:

cordyceps lyophilization principle: by caterpillar fungus lyophilizer put the inside of the fresh Chinese caterpillar fungus in the low temperature water frozen into solid state ( Is the ice) , and then in a vacuum environment directly into the solid ice sublimation, steaming and freeze dried cordyceps. Under the low temperature drying, so can keep the shape of the original size, taste, color, and the original effective components.

cordyceps freeze-drying process: fresh cordyceps collection & ndash; Clean & ndash; Chinese caterpillar fungus tile material tray & ndash; Into the Chinese caterpillar fungus is special freeze drier freeze-drying chamber & ndash; Open the caterpillar fungus freeze-drying process & ndash; Waiting for freeze-drying process to run automatically end & ndash; Remove the freeze-dried Chinese caterpillar fungus, sealed packaging can!

the traditional dry preparation has dried cordyceps, air drying, drying, microwave oven to dry, etc. , the length and thickness of caterpillar fungus will shrink forty percent, after the dry weight of less than half in front of the sun, and high temperature drying, easy to cause the Chinese caterpillar fungus inside the thermal sensitive material loss. From a technical point of view, the preparation of freeze-drying method is superior to the traditional way.

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