Cooperate with Oriental TV '1001 truth'

by:CBFI     2020-10-18
Early August, our company is a great pleasure and Shanghai Oriental satellite TV '1001 truth' column group cooperation, shooting & other The relationship between the ball and temperature & throughout; Experiment, the measured football, basketball and golf in the condition of high temperature and room temperature and low temperature thrown flight distance.

with ultra-low temperature freezer frozen three ball, column group test basketball, soccer, golf ball flight at room temperature, and after the frozen balls under external force on the same flight distance, measured the ball after low temperature freezing distance will shorten, solid golf with boiling water after flight distance is shorten, confirmed that the temperature of the distance of the ball's flight was influential.

the outdoor temperature is 37 degrees of high temperature days, because the program's accompanying vehicles from transport company 86℃( Size is 1650 * 780 * 980) The refrigerator, can only choose the smallest - 40 ℃ volume 50 l ( Size is 540 * 620 * 1095) Refrigerator, after a day of nervous filming in eastern TV broadcast on August 4, welcome to click on the Internet on http://v. pptv。 com/show/iaGPwbtY8rOpNyxc. HTML, about 20 minutes before the quicksand experiment, experiment is 10 minutes after the ball and temperature.
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