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Cooling water temperature of the water cooled chiller optimization solution

Cooling water temperature of the water cooled industrial ice machine optimization scheme, the control plan requirements in the process of system debugging the minimum energy consumption condition in various external conditions the frequency of the pump and fan. In the process of system operation, according to the external conditions will directly the frequency of the pump and fan to this frequency. Under this control strategy, the minimum energy consumption condition changes as the change of external conditions. As a result of the limitation of measurement conditions, the simplified method must be employed to determine the minimum energy consumption condition, there are two kinds of simplified methods, one can be used in the process of debugging, but a little higher requirement to the measurement, 2 it is can be used in the process of running as a correction. In actual engineering, also can use a roughly between fixed and set the industrial ice machine water industrial ice machine import and export temperature difference between the temperature control strategy, and then in the process of operation, according to the working condition of the second kind of method to establish the minimum energy consumption list. Currently adopted by the cooling water system of energy control strategy there are two main types: import and export temperature difference control and set the machine on cooling tower outlet water temperature control. The research results show that compared with the cooling water flow rate, the two kinds of control strategies are has a good energy saving effect, in accordance with the current development trend of low carbon economy.

it is important to note that the import and export temperature difference to keep constant cooling tower design, cooling water temperature difference in the cases of under design conditions, in order to further increase the heat transfer area of the cooling tower or model, import and export temperature difference how suitable for cooling tower? Obviously should increase the temperature difference and reduce the traffic. Partial load condition is equivalent to the cooling tower increases the heat exchange area, so at this time should also increase the temperature difference, rather than keep the design conditions of temperature. Remove for backwater by-pass branch does not mean that can finish the work with a group of frozen water pump. In the large water supply system using a pump/lift pump group design will make the system very effective, and can greatly reduce the implementation cost of the construction of the backup system. At the same time, modern control system based on network will make to effectively control the operation of the pumps. So not only can effectively solve the problem of low temperature difference, but also to improve the design personnel to help choose the flexibility of the valve specifications. If the traffic flow is greater than demand, can cause excessive cold/hot water by the water supply pipe, coil current and the pipe. At this time of the air conditioning hot and cold water supply temperature setting again becomes very necessary.

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