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Cooling water temperature influence on the refrigerating capacity of the chiller

There are several factors influence the refrigerating capacity of the industrial ice machine, under the cold water vendors would for you from the perspective of cooling water temperature influence on the refrigerating capacity of the chiller is briefly, cooling water temperature influence on the refrigerating capacity of the industrial ice machine from running cost, evaporation temperature and compressor revolutions in certain cases, the condensation temperature is lower, the refrigeration coefficient, the greater the power consumption.

according to the calculation, the condensing temperature increase 1 ℃, the refrigerating capacity of the unit power consumption is about 3% up 4%. So, from this perspective, stabilizing the condensation temperature is good for improving the refrigerating capacity of the chiller. But to achieve this purpose, it is necessary to take the following measures: to increase the amount of water in the heat exchange area of the condenser and the cooling water; Or to improve the heat transfer coefficient of condenser, but, for a cooling air conditioning system, increase the area of the condenser is almost impossible. Increase the amount of water is bound to increase water in the condenser cooling water flow, this will affect the service life of machine, at the same time also increased the cooling water pump power consumption and waste pipe and a series of problems, and the effect is not ideal. Increase cooling tower model, consider a certain amount of surplus coefficient is fair, but if blindly increase the type of cooling tower, in pursuit of lower cooling water temperature is not worth the cost, and the cooling water temperature is limited by the local meteorological parameters. To improve the heat emission coefficient of the condenser cooling water side, it is practical and effective, and improve the heating system is the effective ways to reduce water side fouling resistance, effective treatment of cooling water filling water.

at present, most because of the air conditioning cooling system for the open loop system, its effect is good, low cost, is widely used in engineering, but after evaporation cooling enrichment, various ions in water, dissolved solids and suspended solids increase, coupled with the air and water contact, increase oxygen and so on can cause equipment and pipeline corrosion perforation was down.

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