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Cooling water system

Cooling water system is the external system refrigeration system, and the water cooled condenser heat exchanger. The merits of the cooling water system design, to a large extent determines the full set of technical and economic performance of the refrigeration system.

according to the cooling water source and water supply, cooling water system can be divided into two kinds, the first is a water system, the second is the recirculation system.

once by recycling water system refers to the system. After absorbing heat, cooling water in the condenser is not cool processing, directly discharged into sewers in waste to give up. The water system, water consumption is great, a set of refrigerating capacity is 1000 kw large refrigeration system needs about 250 t per hour. So using the cooling water system must consider the source of the water and price.

at present, due to the world bank's water shortage and environmental pollution problems, once only used in sea water cooling water system. Because the water is can't help yourself, has an optional mining of groundwater, in the past by a water cooling water system and cooling water recharge of groundwater cooling way is no longer applicable.

recirculating water system is the water recycle system. After cooling water in the condenser cooling industrial ice machine absorbs heat, cooling tower and cooling water processing, not emissions, but to the condenser cooling refrigerant. Repeat use, only a small amount of water evaporation consumption, so the water system has been widely used at present. At present such as air-cooled chillers are recirculating cooling water system.

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