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Cooling water and chilled water?

Chilled water is used for cooling need space of the cooling water.

the cooling water is used to make high temperature and high pressure industrial ice machine gas cooling into the medium pressure refrigerant liquid water

water is frozen in the cold water unit evaporator gives off heat, then the terminal device to absorb heat from the air.

the cooling water is condenser to absorb heat in the cold water mechanism, gives off heat in the cooling tower.

chilled water is used for client, providing cold quantity; Cooling water used in the host, releasing heat. Chilled water is to the cold air conditioning system through the pipe. Pump into the room, the room fan coil to exchange space, in short, chilled water is cold quantity from the room of air conditioning room to use the means of transport,

a lot of heat generated by the cooling water is in the process of refrigeration air conditioning through the pipe. Pump into the outdoor cooling tower for cooling, namely, the cooling water is the host of transport of heat to send out.

the role of the chilled water: direct cooling of the working medium.

the effect of cooling water, cooling the working medium of transmission energy, such as equipment or to the job of working medium and cooling.

chilled water, the water is cold water, the water is hot water.

cooling water: water is hot water, the water is cold water.

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