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Cooling tower of environment, selection and installation requirements

The installation of the cooling tower

the cooling tower shall be installed in open space, the air can flow freely not blocked. After investigation found that the number of cooling tower are often installed in against the wall or enclosed space, there is the disadvantage of poor cooling effect, in such cases, the following factors must be considered:

( 1) Tower must have enough not blocked space around, to ensure adequate supply and maintenance of the space. The air emissions must prevent the recycle, recycle air wet bulb temperature rise, will cause the tower that cause the cold and hot water temperature's rise. Air in the circulation situation must be taken into consideration, especially in the tower installation, such as Shanghai museum, cooling tower, which is installed in the borehole, are both hot and cold air by the mouth of the well, adopting the principle of jet, effectively control the hot air in the loop, is a successful case.

( 2) Cooling tower must prevent such as contaminated hot air to the atmosphere, and the atmosphere just wet cooling tower service or the surrounding buildings of fresh air.

( 3) Installation location choice is often determined by the following factors:

(1) structural support requirements;

(2) gas sling;

(3) local standards and regulations;

(4) laying the help of the cooling tower maintenance;

(5) and construction coordination;

6 and floating water demand of noise.

( 4) Must choose a suitable location in the planning stage, in order to make it to obtain the best treatment.

( 5) Must be designed in accordance with the standard line, all the piping design must consider expansion and contraction, such as tower with multiple connections, such as mouth side valve must be installed balance, to ensure that each part of the balance of flow rate, such as some parts must be separate maintenance, must set the shutoff valve.

( 6) When many sets of parallel operation, must be installed in the pool of water between balance tube, in order to prevent the import and export pipeline and due to the hole and filter betting, cause changes in the flow caused by the imbalance. All heat exchanger and cooling pipe must be installed under the operation of the cooling tower water level, in order to prevent the cooling tower in closing the overflow, ensure the normal operation of pump during starting can. Cooling tower water tank must be at run time by the appropriate level, in order to prevent the air into the intake pipes. Tank running between water level and the overflow water level must be enough leeway, so that when it starts with the riser and the water distribution pipeline, satisfy the requirement of the cooling tower water continues.
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