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Cooling tower fan parts is introduced

Cooling tower often match with cold water machine, for all kinds of forced convection cooling tower, motor fan has to be driven in an appropriate manner. Fan drive way has two kinds: one kind of belt drive, another for gearbox drive. Belt drive device includes a motor can be adjusted by the base position, generally used for small capacity of the cooling tower. This kind of gear wear in the cooling tower is very serious, should be regularly check maintenance, so should as far as possible to the transmission device set in can be the location of the preventive maintenance and maintenance convenient.

the large capacity of cooling tower fan motor is usually installed on one side of the cooling tower, gear box, namely the motivation of the shaft and motor drive shaft between 90 & deg; The included Angle. Transmission mechanism between motor and fan variable speed function is needed. For general motors in general, its speed is 1800 RPM and 3600 RPM, general fan rotation speed and in contrast to the much lower need gear box to slow down. Be used between the motor and gear box coupling and short sleeves. Motor and gear box must be easy access.

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