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Cooling - — Nitrogen cooling, natural convection

Magnets and adopting impregnating container cooling general magnet type natural convection cooling, but USES the supercritical helium forced convection cooling and superfluid helium cooling methods are gradually increasing.

large superconducting magnet is often by subsection cooling. Segmented cooling has to use liquid helium cooling, also have use gas refrigerator precooling. This cooling method can not only save a lot of expensive liquid helium, and the gradual cooling can reduce the cooling temperature magnets with container, ensure that the local structure do not damage due to temperature stress. At the same time, in order to make full use of the cold cold helium, often will lower part iv on the magnets, magnet fully cooled, and then to fill the rising of the iv fluids. Have something to do component sections iv, namely when the iv and precooling time infusion tube connected, tank liquid separation when the upper and lower the iv.

security problems of low temperature superconducting magnet container security mainly embodied in two aspects: magnet quenches and vacuum breaker. Happened in both cases can cause a lot of energy to release or a lot of heat leak into the, causing liquid helium at gasification abruptly, that quickly raise the pressure in the container. Therefore, in the design of dewar wall thickness to consider these factors. At the same time, to try to put energy leads to overtime, as soon as possible to the discharge of the liquid helium rapidly, lost original super monitoring should be set up and can discharge device. Series resistance to commonly used quenches laws are laws, oscillation circuit protection and transformer protection, etc. Also should use vacuum indicator and inner and outer shell of the relief valve, explosion-proof membrane and emergency drainage pipe.
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