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Cooling medium in the condenser running in the refrigeration system

Condenser in refrigeration system through cooling medium cooling, cooling medium can be solid, gas or liquid, common cooling medium is water and air. According to different types of cooling medium, the refrigeration system is divided into liquid cooled, the gas cooled and other cooling way; Because of the different way in heat and flow, can be divided into free convection and forced convection. Liquid cooling refrigeration system used for liquid cooling medium, such as liquid water, is water cooled. Rely on water-cooled usually for forced convection, cooling water pump in the forced convection heat exchanger, water cooled refrigeration system with cooling water system. Cooling water system is the external system refrigeration system, and the water cooled condenser heat exchanger. Gas cooling refrigeration system used for gas cooling medium, such as air, relying on gravity free convection heat transfer, it is called a free convection air-cooled, such as gas to air is called air cooled or air cooled. Often used in small cold water machine, small freezers, refrigerators and other refrigerating capacity small miniature refrigeration system. Such as air fan forced convection on heat transfer, it is called a forced convection and forced convection air cooled air cooled, can be used in large, medium and small refrigeration system. Air-cooled refrigeration system is relatively simple and low cost of air-cooled condenser, but as a result of gas heat transfer coefficient is small, and therefore condensation temperature is higher.
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