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Cooling gas and environmental protection

If by absorbent liquid or solid adsorbent was carried out on the refrigerant vapor absorption or adsorption, recycle driving heat source heat absorption or adsorption working medium, to produce high pressure and temperature of the industrial ice machine vapor, such way of refrigeration, respectively called the absorption refrigeration and adsorption refrigeration; Also using heat energy sources as a driver, but using ejector suction vapor from the evaporator and compressed to high pressure, known as the steam jet refrigeration.

vapor compression refrigeration

in ordinary refrigeration temperature range, vapor compression refrigeration is the dominant mode of refrigeration. It belongs to the cooling liquid, rely on consumption of electricity or function to realize heat from low temperature heat source, the high temperature heat source heat release. In 1834 with ether as the working medium, an American inventor Mr Perkins successfully for the first time the closed cycle vapor compression refrigeration, this is the rudiment of refrigerant vapor compression type. After taking ammonia as the main, after a period of industrial ice machine in the 1930 s, the Buddha Lyon industrial ice machine found revolutionary to promote the development of the vapor compression refrigeration. This year, with the increasingly serious environmental problem, the application of the natural working substance such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, and to get people's attention.
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