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Cooling circulation water chiller how to choose

Cooling circulation water machine is also known as the cold water machine. Cold water machine in the market now, diversity, the good and bad are intermingled, the quality is also different, let the cold water machine the user do not know how to start. How to choose a good cold water machine?

about cooling circulation water machine, cold water machine, how to choose? Under the cold water vendors would according to many years experience as follows:

1, don't recommend choose low price products.

2, see the industrial ice machine unit configuration

some cold water machine configuration is also differ in thousands ways, take water pumps, stainless steel pump than normal casting pump durability, reliability is higher, and the water quality and so on can have benefits, thus protecting the host within the pipeline cleaning and host performance better. Out in the cold water machine all adopt, easy to install the stainless steel joint, the low end of the cold water machine in order to save costs is to use threaded galvanized pipe joint, for plastic hose connection, very inconvenient.

3, cold water machine system is directly related to the merits of the temperature control system stability and the precision of temperature control, inferior cause cold water machine the frequent alarm temperature control system, or even downtime.

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