Continuous production the lyophilizer

by:CBFI     2020-09-28
At present there are intermittent and continuous production freeze-drying machine is mainly, common is intermittent lyophilizer in our country.

continuous production freeze-drying machine, it includes the serial connection through vacuum control device products particles forming first drying device, vacuum drying, vacuum device and feeding device, through product particles forming device will be configured solution made as spherical particles, the spherical particles after vacuum control connector into the vacuum drying device for the first time, products spherical particles in a vacuum, first to complete the initial drying, drying device. In a vacuum drying plant for the first time at the discharge end, products particles through vacuum control connector into the vacuum secondary drying device, the product particles in a vacuum, secondary drying device in two dry. Products particles after the secondary drying, through vacuum control connector into the feeding device, products particles loaded into the prepared bottles, and then rolling cover seal, the above can be continuous in the whole production process.

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