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Constant temperature trough the application and the factors influencing the sensitivity of constant temperature trough

Constant temperature trough which is able to provide a constant temperature in the tub. Also known as constant temperature circulator, waterbath, constant temperature bath, constant temperature tank.

thermostatic bath not only is suitable for the need to maintain low temperature, room temperature under the working conditions, and the constant temperature trough can also be combined with the rotary evaporator, vacuum freeze drying oven, circulating water vacuum pump, magnetic stirrer, such as instrument, multi-function chemistry homework and drug store. Thus constant temperature trough is very widely used, and therefore constant temperature trough sensitivity also naturally became one of the focus of a major problem.

thermostat factory based on years of experience to sum up, there are many influence factors in constant temperature trough sensitivity, generally are:

( 1) Stirrer, stirring speed to large enough to ensure uniform temperature in constant temperature trough;

( 2) Heater: power is appropriate, small heat capacity, high sensitivity;

( 3) Temperature controller: electromagnetic attraction key, the key mechanical action of the shorter the time, the smaller the residual magnetic coil when the power is in the core, the temperature sensitivity is higher;

( 4) Contact thermometer: small heat capacity, sensitive to changes in temperature, high sensitivity;

( 5) Environmental temperature and set temperature difference is smaller, the temperature control effect is better;

( 6) Constant temperature medium: good liquidity, good heat transfer performance, high sensitivity;

( 7) Components: the location of heater, mixer and the position of the thermometer should be close to contact, can cause the heating liquid mix immediately, and through the contact thermometer for temperature control in time;

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