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Constant temperature trough in the application of the frozen fat to reduce weight

For many women, after giving birth, it is hard to lose it the waist of the fat, no matter what you do, is to have no effect.

some people try to reduce the waist through diet and exercise, but nothing worked at present our company and related units cooperation has developed a new kind of method reducing weight, called CoolSculpting. Machine will be adsorbed on the part of the need to lose weight, then the temperature will fall to 3 degrees Celsius, achieve the goal of frozen fat.

there are a lot of men and women in hands and feet are not very fat, but just have a XiaoDu belly, back position how reduce can't seem to lose all, with dense diet or exercise can reduce the fat. On the physical method removing fat people have used various methods to deduction of excess body fat, such as liposuction, laser dissolve fat, strong sound wave blasting fat, rf dissolve fat. Liposuction, process is very painful and risky, new methods of dissolving grease - Frozen cryolipolysis de-fatting method, a kind of can using freezing method to remove excess fat and intact peripheral nerves, blood vessels, and the surface of the skin tissue. Frozen de-fatting cryolipolysis working principle: using fat within three glyceride in translate into specific low temperature solid this characteristic, through non-invasive transmitter sends the cold wave of accurate control to the specified de-fatting parts, under the do not produce the wound or damage to normal cells, and eliminate fat cells. Fat cells after you apply, the clearance process will begin to natural decomposition, the fat layer gradually thinning. Thus through normal metabolic processes, gradually reduce the fat layer, and achieve the goal of local de-fatting.

some experts think that the noninvasive de-fatting method is a revolutionary new concept to lose weight. Products in the technology and performance further shorten the gap with the international advanced level, to fill the domestic blank.

in our thermostatic bath products and related institutes to integrate resources, improve the design. Prototype are the experiment is complete, after a period of clinical trials, effect is remarkable, to separate the blood vessels, muscle and fat completely, avoid the blood in the process of freezing de-fatting is curing causing damage, such as tissue necrosis is a safe method of frozen de-fatting is human body weight-loss industry a major breakthrough in our country.

partners program designed frozen de-fatting treatment systems: the first step in the user needs to lose fat place to draw the scope, the clip to measure the thickness of the fat and fat; The second step in reducing fat as condensate film, strengthen skin contact with the instrument of soluble fat effect; Step 3 frozen de-fatting head on the scope of reduced fat, set up treatment parameters. The fourth step start instrument work; Step 5 treatment 45 minutes to complete. Start treatment with thermal slightly after 5 minutes into the cold feeling skin feeling by adsorption. Postoperative muscle and skin irritation may be caused paralysis, similar cupping, after 25 days. No shutdown convalescence, intraoperative can surf the Internet while treating patients with no pain.
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