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Constant temperature of the tank is introduced

Constant temperature water tank is mainly used in laboratory, can provide constant temperature of the liquid, to meet the demand of environment on the test at the same time, also can guarantee the stability of the temperature of the reaction happens. Constant temperature is required a more standard, so as to achieve the experimental purposes. Also known as the constant temperature water bath oil pan, waterbath, constant temperature, constant temperature circulator, and so on.

the thermostatic water tank mainly include the compressor, evaporator, expansion valve, condenser, etc.

the compressor refrigeration system is a constant temperature water tank of the cooling power, driven by compressor refrigerants in refrigeration system of circulation.

evaporator is constant temperature water tank liquid freon refrigeration system of refrigerant heat exchange device through morphological transformation, refrigerant sublimation after absorbing a great deal of heat to lower the temperature of the thermostatic water tank in the inland waters.

expansion valve is for adjusting the refrigerant flow device, through the thermal bag feel evaporator outlet superheat changes, to make the valve up or down, automatic regulation and decompression throttling effect evaporator industrial ice machine supply and keep the evaporator outlet has a certain degree of superheat, to ensure that make full use of the evaporator heat transfer area.

the condenser temperature conversion device is the refrigeration system, cooling system in high temperature industrial ice machine entering the condenser after coming out of the compressor, after the condenser cooling liquid into the constant temperature water tank refrigeration system in a loop again.

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