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Congratulations to CBFI for successfully applying for MD and PED certificates

Congratulations to CBFI for successfully applying for MD and PED certificates


Good news! Good news!

CBFI, China famous tube ice machine, flake ice machine, brine type block ice machine, automatic ice block machine,cube ice machine, plate ice machine, ball ice machine, pure ice block making machine, automatic ice package machine and cold storage rooom manufaturer.

CBFI successfully applied for MD directive certificate and PED certificate at the same time, thus becoming a smooth road in the EU market. Why do you say so? Let’s take a closer look at the value of these two types of certificate.


What is PED?

PED certificate full name: pressure equipment certificate, is the European Union member states to achieve consensus on pressure equipment safety issues by the mandatory legislation.


Pressure equipment is dangerous become of the huge amount of energy stored in the gas. Especially when the fluid is itself a dangerous fluid (flammable , toxic). However, in view of the convenience of the free circulation of products and equipment from various counties and under strict mandatory provisions, this law is promulgated.


PED is suitable for the European economic area countries, namely, the EU 15 countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, UK ), plus the European member states of the free trade agreement ( Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway).

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How is PED assessed?

l NDT Evaluation

When the evaluation is carried out, the NDT personnel of the enterprise are generally not re-examined, but focus on reviewing whether the NDT personal training, assessment and management documents formulated by the enterprise according to the standards meet the requirements.


Not all companies in the industry have NDT certified professionals. CBFI has invested a lot of money to carry out strict training for relevant personal according to the relevant standards of NDT. In the PED audit process, the audit agency audited the actual implementation of NDT by relevant personnel on site and submitted relevant witness materials, which successfully passed the assessment.


l Material Evaluation

PED certificate allows for three types of materials. That is, materials that meet European harmonized standard; materials approved by Europe; materials approved by special approval.


For our domestic manufacturers, it is difficult to obtain materials produced according to Coordinated European standards. The review material this link, the materials submitted by ice stream refrigeration purchasing application and purchase file review, material suppliers, material review of documents, material quality certificate, additional test records and materials acceptance inspection records, in full compliance with the standards, which means that our equipment making use of materials not only reached the national standard, also in full compliance with European coordination standard!


l Mandatory basic safety requirements

To pass the PED rating, you need to meet much more than these tow criteria. CBFI also meet the following basic safety requirements that must be mandatory.


v Design: All factors related to intended use must be considered in the design of pressure equipment to ensure the safety of the equipment throughout its expected life. Appropriate safety factors must be incorporated in a comprehensive manner, allowing for adequate safety margins for all relevant failure modes.

v Requirements for design and calculation of sufficient strength, ensuring safe handling and operation, inspection methods, discharge and venting methods, corrosion and other chemical erosion, wear, charging and discharge, protection beyond permissible limits, safety accessories and external fire.

v Permanent joining (welding): must be done by qualified personal according to appropriate process procedures. For class II、III and IV pressure equipment, non-destructive testing personal must be approved by a third party approved by the Member State.

v Final evaluation: Pressure equipment must pass final inspection by visual evaluation and examination of relevant documents. The final evaluation must include a pressure test which must conform to specified values.



What is an MD?


The Machinery Directive is a series of laws and regulations on machinery products in the CE Directive designated by the European Union, that is, all machinery products exported to Europe must comply with the requirements of the Machinery Directive.


Since January 1th, 1995, the Machinery Directive has become mandatory in Europe, and all EU member states are required to incorporate some of its basic provisions into their national laws. The EU machinery Directive is not about technical details, but focuses on safety and health provisions related to machinery design and construction.


What is function and significance of MD?


Any country’s products to enter the European Union, the European Free Trade Area must be CE certificate, need to paste CE mark on the product.


The CE directive certificate held by CBFI is the passport for the products to enter the European Union and European free Trade zone countries, which means that our ice making machine has met the safety requirements stipulated by the European Union directive.


This is CBFI’s quality commitment to customers all over the world; is to ensure the safe and healthy operation of equipment trust bridge. Products which the CE mark will reduce the risk of being sold on the European market.


What is the core requirement of MD?

The core requirement of the MD directive certificate is that the machine should not cause harm to people during operation, debugging and maintenance. Our ice-making machine meets such core requirements. CBFI has a professional R&D team of more than 60 people, in the design and development of the ice-making machine, fully consider the operation and operation of the safety problems, to avoid the possibility of personal injury. When the equipment leaves the factory, it has been tested, regulated and detected by the debugging and the quality control group to ensure 100% safety when the equipment is delivered to customers.


Commitment from CBFI

It can be seen that the assessment standard and application difficulty of both MD directive certificate and PED certificate are not low. Accepting the on-site audit, evaluation and submission of all kinds of materials of the two certificates is also a rigorous assessment of all aspects of CBFI.


Successfully applied for two certificate, which is inseparable from CBFI’s strong company strength, excellence in production quality standards, strong R&D team, professionals and so on.


With these two certificates, it guarantees the smooth customers clearance and export of ice making equipment of CBFI, provide the best quality ice-making machine and service for customer around the world, send the most perfect, clean and hygienic ice to each customer’s factory, and provide the best interest protection for customers.


Customer Benefit From Icesource

This is the core value of CBFI

In the New Year, CBFI stays true to its original aspiration

Will continue to provide you with the best quality ice machine

With our sincere

Continue to serve every customer!