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Congratulations to CBFI for passing the national high-tech enterprise certification again!

Congratulations to CBFI for passing the national high-tech enterprise certification again!


Recently, the National High-tech Enterprise Recognition Office released the 2021 National High-tech Enterprise Recognition List. As an old batch of high-tech enterprises, Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd. (CBFI) has once again been re-identified as a national high-tech enterprise.


        2021 National High-tech Enterprise Certificate

This is the sixth consecutive year that CBFI has been certified as a national high-tech enterprise after passing the certification in 2015 and 2018.

The certificate number is GR202144015150 and is valid for three years.


        2015 National High-tech Enterprise Certificate


           2018 National High-tech Enterprise Certificate

To win this honor again is a strong proof of CBFI's long-term adherence to R&D and innovation, and also enhances the core competitiveness and brand value of the company. At the same time, it is also a spur and incentive for the company to continue to grow and develop.

Enterprises that have passed the high-tech certification are all enterprises with strong R&D and technological innovation capabilities in the industry, and can play a role as a model in the industry.

A high-tech enterprise refers to an enterprise that continuously conducts research and development and transformation of technological achievements within the "High-tech Fields Supported by the State", forms the core independent intellectual property rights of the enterprise, and conducts business activities on this basis. They are quite strict, and the key cores of their identification are as follows:

1. In line with the high-tech field

2. Have independent intellectual property rights and core technology

3. R&D expenses and high-tech income meet the requirements

As a technology-based enterprise, CBFI currently has 76 undergraduates, 5 graduates or above, and 30% of whom have undergraduate degrees; 51 R&D technicians, accounting for 21%; 73 skilled workers people, accounting for 25%.

There are 36 engineers engaged in technology development, including 3 senior engineers in refrigeration technology, 5 intermediate engineers in refrigeration technology, 3 electrical engineers, and 2 graduate students. There are 13 senior technicians engaged in R&D, production and testing.

In terms of research and development, CBFI continues to increase capital and manpower investment, enhance research and development strength, strengthen market and customer communication, improve research and development system, strengthen intellectual property protection, and enhance the company's market competitiveness. The annual investment in research and development expenses accounts for 8% of the turnover. %, the income and expenses of high-tech products in the past three years have reached 300 million yuan.

CBFI now has invention patents and utility model patents authorized by more than 60 countries. Some of the invention patents have filled the gap in my country, and some of the invention patents are the first in the world.


Under the recognition of the national high-tech enterprise, CBFI Refrigeration will adhere to the concept of "Customers Benefit From Icesource", and will strive to achieve a new era of refrigeration industry.