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Condenser using

Evaporative condenser is used outside of the coil spray water absorption of partial evaporation coil
evaporative condenser
high temperature gaseous refrigerant heat and make the tube gradually by the gas is cooled to liquid industrial ice machine.

evaporative condenser is composed of cooling pipe set, packing, water spray device, axial flow fan, sump tank, water pump, water cleaner, housing and other parts.

evaporative condenser according to different users, the heat exchange tube USES a variety of forms, common carbon steel tube hot dip zinc ( And round pipe and ellipse) , aluminum alloy tube) , stainless steel pipe ( And 314/316 round tube, wave over) ; Including carbon steel hot-dip zinc evaporative condenser is the earliest start using the product and occupies most of the domestic users is mainly used for high pressure gas condensate, cooling, apply pressure in the range is 0 & ndash; 30MPa; Aluminum alloy type of evaporative condenser for the new generation of energy-saving products Yu Bingji suitable refrigerants condensation, apply pressure in the range is 0 & ndash; 5MPa; Stainless steel tube evaporative condenser is mainly used in some chemical corrosive gas cooling and condensation process.

evaporative condenser shell of galvanized sheet is commonly used in coating, because I don't after corrosion, gradually used aluminium zinc plate coating, now on the market the latest using magnesium aluminum plating zinc plate, the plate has the characteristics of stainless steel, not rusting, nice appearance, easy processing, favored by the majority of manufacturers and the use of customer.

edit this section of the evaporative condenser operation principle of the spray water from the pump the water in the tank will be set to the evaporative condenser at the top of the spray pipe, the nozzle spray to the outer surface of the condensing exhaust pipe form a thin water film, central water film after the evaporation of water vapor and water absorption of the rest of the fall into the sump tank, used for water pump cycle.

axial flow fan to force air from the lower part of the top and side wall is inhaled through the coil, packing, saturated hot humid air is row into the surrounding atmosphere, hot humid air entrainment in the part of the water droplets by water receiver intercept, effectively control water floating loss, loss caused by water vapour in the atmosphere is controlled by a float valve added cooling water in the system.

the cooling tower is the use of the exchange of hot and cold water after contact with the air flow to produce steam, steam evaporation heat can be taken away to evaporative cooling, the circulating heat and radiation heat transfer to the principle of dispersed in industry or waste heat generated in refrigeration and air conditioning to reduce the water temperature of the evaporative cooling device, in order to ensure the normal operation of the system, device for barrel, commonly called the cooling tower.

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