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Condenser and evaporator

In the process of refrigeration, cooling condenser is to send the outlet of the cooling machine, in order to prevent too much cold air out of the cold agent, respectively is equipped with separation of the droplets under sprinkler, mesh packing, the load of the cooling fan at the bottom of the industrial ice machine by gravity flow back into the box, in the wet air cooler due to direct contact with load cooling air, air is cooled while the moisture content decreased, condensation water will enter the carrier agent so as to reduce its concentration in the cold. How exhaust nozzle in spray chamber, the cold water along the horizontal direction, the hot air after contact with cold water for cooling by the manger.
industrial ice machine filling load for cooler and pipes for larger systems, in order to prevent cold agent first pump running bring cold water tank load cold
agent on the surface of the liquid drop and evaporator liquid level, or stop pump after a large number of industrial ice machine return make load cooling spillover, should be in the water tank and mount
cooling pump set between ling agent storage pool, used to automatically adjust the supply and demand of cold load agent.

it is composed of open type evaporator open system load cooling overflow tank, cooler with cooling load of the exhaust pipe or dry type air cooling unit into cold agent system, due to the load in the cooler ling agent do not contact with air, reduce the dilution of cooling agent and don't often add thick cold agent.

cooler open system which is composed of shell and tube evaporator and wet cooler cooling systems, to send people load of wet type cooler cooling can only rely on gravity to return to the shell and tube evaporator, therefore requires cooler and should have enough height difference between evaporator.
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