Concrete Cooling

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Concrete Cooling

Concrete Cooling


Industry Knowledge Introduction

In the process of concrete mixing, the release of hydration heat of concrete increases its internal volume, especially in the condition of high temperature mixing heat generated by higher; And in the future curing or low temperature environment, concrete temperature drops, resulting in the reduction of the internal volume of concrete, this process will usually cause cracks in the concrete floor or building.


CBFI Recommended Refrigeration Solutions

These adverse effects can be offset by cooling the aggregate (water cooling or using ice instead of water in the cement and aggregate mixture).

CBFI has a complete line of ice makers, chillers, ice storage systems and delivery systems to meet every customer's needs. The whole set of equipment has Internet of things function, realizing remote monitoring, automatic control and other functions.


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Project Case

Chip ice rake system, Qatar

The client is a famous construction company in Qatar. The local climate is hot and the average temperature is high. In order to ensure the quality of concrete, a large number of pieces of ice are needed for aggregate mixing.