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Conceptual development progress

Conceptual car actually, conceptual phones, conceptual aircraft, pistols, and so on a series of conceptual products, actually conceptualization is the theory of knowledge, derived by pure reason to take an examination of, inventions, create new product conceptual products is the direction of the development of science and technology, is the cradle of human creation, not totally negative. Without conceptualization, there would be no telephone, mobile phone, the plane of the revolutionary reform.

conceptualization of one of the most important products & ndash; — Computer now, with the fast fierce development of computer technology and microelectronic technology, produce the concept of virtualization in the field of engineering experiment.

virtual experiment is completely independent of other than the computer hardware, in writing on the basis of the relevant computer program and simulating related equipment for experiment, through the ultra as generated by the simulation software as traditional instruments than for the same user interface panel, measured object implementation of information collection, data analysis and processing, process communication, display, storage, and data generated by the experimental process. Will go to, the virtual instrument is applied to the experiment can improve the efficiency of the experiment and diversity, make up for the shortage of the traditional laboratory, users can also according to their own requirements to define and design the function of the instrument, through the software, the function of the system scale jinxiu to modify or increase or decrease, thus can build your own system, give full play to their creativity and initiative.

industrial products & ndash; — Rushing the lyophilizer, as a high-tech product, his temperature, freeze-drying ability as well as the features of the product, is the technology progress.

no bold speculation, there will be no rich harvest. Conceptualization of the product, it is worth advocating, is worth promoting. Dare to innovate, brave to create. A person, scaling new heights!
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