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Computer simulation of libr absorption chiller

Data is the criterion for judging, and the best tools, data gathering is the computer. And on the application of computer, can find a way to statistics, means a big step forward, means that it is the progress of science and technology.

on refrigeration equipment, nature is there are a lot of data needs to be collected, similarly, also illustrates the very need of computer application, in these applications, the most outstanding should be temperature, time, pressure, pressure.

a brief introduction of series double pressurization circulation process and the related cooling water, chilled water flow. According to the engineering practice, cooling water tandem cold water machine process ( Advanced absorber junior condenser) , the other parts of the same as the traditional cycle of go into here. The enthalpy - cycle Concentration - Enthalpy - Concentration can clearly distinguish the circulation state of main points, including the temperature of the same gas phase and liquid phase points, convenient circulation thermal analysis. In establishing the unit steady-state heat transfer condition of conservation of mass, the load before expression and the heat transfer area, the basic assumption of the simulation as indicated below.

to lithium bromide - Water as the working medium to high voltage generator drive for evaporation.

each heat transfer unit without heat loss, the total efficiency of 75 water vapor compression process, ignore the influence of the circulating pump work on the refrigeration coefficient

low voltage generator pressure and condenser pressure and cooling water in the cooling temperature corresponds to the saturation pressure of the same.

the evaporator pressure and the absorber and cooling water in the evaporation temperature corresponding to the same saturation pressure, and low evaporation temperature is cooling water outlet temperature 2 degrees.

evaporation equipment compression ratio determined by the following constraints.

first set two heat transfer temperature difference: low voltage generator outlet temperature of the concentrated solution and drive of the vapor phase difference, high voltage generator outlet temperature of the concentrated solution and when temperature difference after 2 set of driving heat source, compression ratio can be combined with other parameters.
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