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Compressor Failure Caused by Shaft Seal Problem

Compressor Failure Caused by Shaft Seal Problem


There are 13 common failures of ice machine compressors. Today I will introduce 3 reasons for you:

       1、The shaft seal is leaking seriously

  Overhaul ideas

   (1). Check whether the shaft seal is poorly matched, causing serious oil leakage in the shaft seal.

   The shaft seal should be assembled correctly.

  (2). Check whether the friction surface between the moving ring and the fixed ring has been roughened.

   If the fuzz is severe, the sealing surface should be carefully ground and reassembled.

  (3). If the rubber sealing garden is aging or the tightness is not set properly, oil will leak.

  In this regard, a new rubber garden should be replaced and the appropriate tightness should be adjusted.

  (4). Check whether it is due to the weakening of the elastic force of the shaft seal spring that causes the shaft seal to leak oil.

   The original spring should be removed and replaced with a new one of the same size.

  (5). Check whether the sealing performance between the back of the fixing ring and the shaft seal gland has deteriorated.

  For this, remove the fixing ring, clean the back ring and reassemble it.

   (6). If the crankcase pressure is too high, adjustments should be made.

   But before stopping, lower the pressure of the crankcase and check if the exhaust valve is leaking.

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   2、The shaft seal oil temperature is too high

  Overhaul ideas

   (1). Check whether the lubricating oil is insufficient or the oil pipeline is blocked.

  If the oil is insufficient, add lubricating oil in an appropriate amount; if the pipeline is blocked, the oil pipeline should be cleared.

   (2). Check whether the lubricating oil is dirty or has deteriorated.

   For this, the filter should be cleaned and replaced with new oil.

   (3). Check whether the friction surface of the moving ring and the fixed ring is too tight.

   The elastic strength of the spring should be adjusted appropriately.

   (4). The packing gland is too tight.

   The gland nuts should be adjusted evenly to avoid being too tight, resulting in too high shaft seal oil temperature.

   (5). Check whether the main bearing assembly clearance is too small.

   For this, the gap should be adjusted appropriately.

     3、The pressure in the crankcase of the ice machine compressor increases

  Overhaul ideas

   (1). The piston ring is not tightly sealed.

  The sealing ring of the new piston should be replaced if the seal is not tight, which leads to the high pressure to the low pressure.

  (2). The exhaust valve is not closed tightly, causing the pressure in the crankcase to rise.

   The air tightness of the exhaust valve seat should be checked. If the seal is not tight, a new valve should be replaced in time.

  (3). The airtightness between the cylinder liner and the machine base has deteriorated.

   The cylinder liner should be removed, the joint should be cleaned and sealed, and then reassembled.

  (4). Too much ammonia enters into the crankcase and the pressure rises after evaporation.

   As long as the excessive ammonia in the crankcase is evacuated.