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Compression cycle chiller motor and drive

For driving various kinds of motor of high pressure and low pressure water chillers are efficient three-phase motor. Will appear in the process of motor running part quantity of heat, the heat must be ruled out in time, can appear otherwise overheating or even burning. Some manufacturers choose to heat emissions within the room. From the point of view of computer room, the heat also must be ruled out, or room will be overheating.

can also use leave evaporator industrial ice machine vapor compressor motor for cooling, the cooling method of compressor is called inspiratory cooling compressor, it can be either full enclosed, also can be a half closed. Full enclosed compressor volume is small, so you can return to the manufacturer to be modified, semi-closed can be modified at the scene.

usually have the large capacity motor components to start a group called a starter. There are different types of starter. Locked-rotor current produced by motor startup is about five times the full load current. If an electric motor full load current of 200 amps, then starts, it produced nearly 1000 amperes of current. Such a big impact current tends to cause power supply current fault, as a result, manufacturers will have different ways of motor start. The most common method is to take part of its winding start-up, autotransformer, electronic starter.

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