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Compress circulation water chiller

Compression cycle water chillers containing the same as the conventional air conditioning of the four basic components: compressor, evaporator, condenser, and the metering device, however, these components on the chiller due to the need to deal with more refrigerants, and may also adopt different refrigerant, their specifications and compared to the conventional air conditioning systems tend to be four times larger.

the key component is the compressor compression cycle refrigeration system. We were in chapter 3 & other; With refrigerant refrigeration & throughout; About, there are different types of compressor, water chiller of compressor is commonly used in reciprocating compressor, vortex compressor, screw compressor and centrifugal compressor. The appearance of these compressor pictures are in chapter 23 & other; Compressor & throughout; See. The compressor can be regarded as mercury vapor. Technical personnel should reduce the compressor as evaporator inside the compressor can be a component of the stress state. For chiller, the corresponding temperature generally is about 38 ℉, and at the same time, make the condenser pressure can rise to the industrial ice machine condensing gas available for steam pressure value needed for the use of liquid industrial ice machine again, its corresponding condensing temperature of 105 ℉. Technical personnel can according to the temperature value to judge whether conventional chiller within the scope of the technical parameters of its design. Also to meet the demand of the writing, the compressor must be not only to have enough amount of mercury vapor sent, and to achieve this kind of pressure steam condition.

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