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Common form a complete set of cooling tower cold water machine type

The types of common form a complete set of cooling tower cold water machine basically has 3 kinds: natural convection cooling tower, forced convection cooling tower, induced draft cooling tower, and another 3 different operation mode combinations to form. The unit capacity, the greater the cooling tower structure is more perfect, the more complex.

the natural convection cooling towers can be a fountain in front of the building, also can be the top of the building area of the spray type. Fountain and natural convection cooling tower are dependent on the prevailing winds, and the prevailing wind air volume is larger, after cooling of the circulating water temperature is low. Fountain can be set on the ground, also can build on the roof, however, no matter where Settings, water must be in the pool area. Because the wind will blow out spray water pool, cause people dislike or cause financial damage. Due to the top of the fountain can cool roof, called small solar heat load, therefore, in recent years built on the roof of the fountain of tide volume soil again. Forced convection and induced draft cooling tower fan push air through the cooling tower. Owing to the cooling tower can fully ensure operation efficiency, and so is the most used a cooling tower. In some of the cooling tower, also USES the centrifugal fan to drive the air. When the cooling tower can need discharge pipe of the air inside the building, due to the centrifugal fan can overcome the static pressure inside shanhaiguan pass, so must use the centrifugal fan. Configuration of a centrifugal fan cooling tower structure can be more compact, thus very popular in some applications. The cooling tower is suitable for the capacity and heat cold around 500 tons the following units.

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