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Common fault types and solutions for hot pot restaurant ice machines

The hot pot restaurant ice machine has brought great convenience to the production and operation of many catering industries. Therefore, in many industries and fields of modern society, the hot pot restaurant ice machine is inseparable from the after-sales guarantee of the support of this ice-making equipment. . However, the hot pot restaurant cbfi ice machine will inevitably have some failures after a long period of operation. For this reason, the editor specially consulted the hot pot restaurant cbfi ice machine manufacturer and summarized the common failure types and solutions of the ice maker below.

Failure 1. No cooling

The operating principle of the hot pot restaurant ice maker is actually similar to but not exactly the same as our commonly used refrigerators. The use of this equipment to make water into ice cubes requires constant refrigeration by a compressor. However, if you find that the compressor will work but the machine itself is not refrigerated during the use of the hot pot ice maker, this failure is mostly caused by insufficient refrigerant or damaged solenoid valves. The user should focus on these two components when encountering this situation. And make targeted treatment.

Fault two, will not drop ice

When using the hot pot restaurant ice maker, you may also encounter the situation that the ice cubes that have been made will not enter the deicing process and will not fall, and the compressor components are also in normal cooling and operation. At this time, the management personnel of the relevant ice maker should focus on the inspection of the probe parts or controller parts used to measure the water temperature, and solve the problem according to the corresponding solution after the cause of the failure is checked.

Trouble three, does not automatically enter the water

This fault is mainly manifested as the water shortage light of the hot pot restaurant ice maker has been turned on, but the water flow will not automatically enter the ice maker, and another manifestation is that the compressor is running normally and the pump is not running. Regarding the former performance is mostly caused by the fault of the solenoid valve of the water inlet, the latter performance may be caused by the damage or blockage of the water pump of the ice maker. The user must check the cause patiently according to the fault type and follow the correct Solution to solve the fault.

The above content is the summary made by the editor for the more common fault types and solutions of hot pot restaurant ice machines. The ranking of hot pot restaurant ice machine products has been far ahead of other types of ice making equipment in recent years. Therefore, relevant users need to be calm and patient when encountering these common failures. The cause of the failure should be found out before doing so Provide targeted solutions.
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