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Common cold water machine in the industrial production

In the process of production, due to the machinery, mould and heat is constantly produced industrial reaction, when the temperature exceeds the material the tolerance of the product quality is unstable, plastic products and electroplating production, for example, in the production of plastic products accounted for over 80% of the total cycle cooling time, the importance of cooldown reduced thus, cold water machine ( Also known as a refrigerator, ice water machine, cold water machine, cooling machine) To absorb heat in time, lower the cavity temperature quickly, accelerate product, shorten the open surface. Common cold water machine has the following kinds:
1, water cooled industrial ice machine
2, air-cooled industrial ice machine
3, water cooled screw chiller
4, air cooled screw industrial ice machine
5, cooling water machine for laser
6, low temperature cold water machine the

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