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Common auxiliary components of Industrial Ice machines

Common auxiliary components of Industrial Ice machines


        Industrial Ice machines will have related refrigeration systems. The auxiliary components often set in refrigeration systems are: oil separator, vapor-liquid separator, safety valve, liquid reservoir, filter drier, solenoid valve, sight glass, one-way valve, Economizers, angle valve ball valves, pressure controllers, pressure regulating valves, etc. This article will introduce the first few:

       1. Oil separator:

The refrigerating oil in the Freon refrigeration system will follow the refrigerant into the evaporator, because the evaporator temperature is low, the refrigerating oil is easy to accumulate in the evaporator and affect the heat exchange of the evaporator, and the evaporator oil storage will cause the compressor to lack oil and be more easily damaged. In order not to affect the heat exchange and less oil enters the evaporator, an oil separator is installed in the compressor exhaust pipe of the refrigeration system, which can separate most of the oil that flows out with the refrigerant body, and connects the oil to the compressor. The pipeline flows back to the compressor.

       2. Vapor-liquid separator:

  The function of the vapor-liquid separator is to separate the mixed gas and liquid refrigerant from the evaporator and connect it with the compressor return pipe to prevent the compressor from liquid hammer.

      3. Liquid reservoir:

   is used to store refrigerant liquid to adjust the circulation of refrigerant when the refrigeration load changes, and reduce the number of times the refrigeration system replenishes refrigerant.


      4. Dry filter:

   Absorb the moisture in the refrigeration system, block the impurities in the system so that it cannot pass through, and prevent ice blockage and dirty blockage of the refrigeration system pipeline. The most easily blocked part of the system is the capillary tube (or expansion valve), so the filter drier is usually installed between the condenser and the capillary tube (or expansion valve).

      5. Suction filter:

  A suction filter is installed at the air inlet of the compressor to prevent magazines from entering the compressor and causing compressor malfunction.

      6. Safety valve:

As an important valve of the refrigeration system, it is used to ensure the safe operation of the refrigeration system under the set pressure. It is mostly installed on the high pressure side of the refrigeration system, and is often installed on equipment such as condensers or accumulators to avoid excessive pressure in the container. high. Some small refrigeration systems can be replaced with easily soluble plugs.


      Only a stable refrigeration system can the Industrial Ice machines operate normally and quickly, so all refrigeration accessories must be well maintained.