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Fruit and Vegetable Cooling

Industry Knowledge Introduction

Fresh vegetables and fruits need ice or frozen water to maintain quality.

 All the links in the chain of fruit and vegetable processing use ice and/or chilled water - in the process of harvesting in ice from the product to remove field heat, in the process of processing the top of the ice, and in the course of carriage, the ice blended with fruit and vegetables into boxes, in the process of marketing, not sale fruit and vegetable still need ice or cold storage in storage. Continuous temperature control is required to maintain optimum quality and extend shelf life. The use of ice reduces bacterial or enzyme activity in the product, slows decay and ensures higher quality.


1、Use ice or chilled water to reduce field heat during harvesting

2、Water cooling to quickly lower the temperature of processed products (during cutting and bleaching)

3、Mixed ice transportation during product transportation

4、Store the product at low temperature during storage

CBFI Recommended Refrigeration Solutions

CBFI can provide you with a complete ice making, storage and distribution system to help you achieve your goal of keeping cold at all stages.

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Recommend Equipment


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                        Plate Ice Machine




Project Case
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2 sets 2.5 ton & 1 set 5 ton Flake Ice Machine

in Uzbekistan

The client wants to expand the broccoli business in September 2020 and wants to buy  flake ice machine to produce flake ice in order to keep broccoli fresh instead of buying flake ice in the local.



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