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Commercial ice machine selection experience

During the operation of milk tea shops, ice cubes are an indispensable raw material, and an ice maker is one of the necessary equipment for milk tea shops. The ice making efficiency and function of the ice maker far exceed the freezing effect of ordinary refrigerators. The ice cubes produced have high hardness and low freezing point, and are not easy to melt. It is one of the necessary kitchen refrigeration equipment in coffee shops and dining places. What ice machine should I choose? What brand of industrial ice maker is good? 1. What model of industrial ice maker should I choose when buying? The size of the industrial ice maker model is usually distinguished by the daily output in the industry. The Sidneice ice maker SDCC-200 is a 200 kg ice maker per day, that is, 200 kg of ice can be produced in 24 hours. There are also various types of products, and you need to understand the types of ice machines. Usually milk tea shops use cube ice machines (also known as pellet ice machines, ice cube machines, ice machines, etc.). Second, consider the shape of the ice. For milk tea shops, 1 kg of ice cubes can supply 7 to 8 cups of milk tea when deploying pearl milk tea. Generally, the top-tier milk tea shops consume more than 10 kg of ice cubes a day. So it is more appropriate to choose a 20kg-50kg ice maker per day. The price ranges from 1500-3000 yuan. Different ice machines produce different shapes of ice, mainly tube ice, block ice, and granular ice. Milk tea shops generally choose cube ice machines. 2. Reference consumption of ice cubes in different places: Based on experience, (1) Chinese restaurants: 0.5kg ice cubes for each seat; (2) Western restaurants: 1kg ice cubes for each seat; (3) Hotel Guest rooms: 1kg ice cubes are required for each room; pearl milk tea, bubble black tea, 1kg ice cubes can supply 7-8 cups; smooth ice, shaved ice can supply about 4 cups per kilogram. Knowing the above data, friends in the catering industry can make corresponding choices on the output of ice machines based on their own scale and forecast of turnover.
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