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Commercial flake ice machine in the supermarket usage and precautions

Commercial flake ice machines used in supermarkets and precautions are usually large-scale comprehensive supermarkets are known for their variety of goods, and frozen seafood that requires ice is many but not large. In recent years, local regional supermarkets developed in coastal areas rely on Geographical advantages, vigorously develop fresh supermarkets, (for example, large supermarkets in the Shanghai area usually use 6-8 tons of ice per day during the peak summer). This type of supermarket usually uses medium-sized and above commercial films Ice machine. (Usually, ice production ≤ 3T/D is called a small cbfi ice machine, ice production 3T/D-10T/D is called a medium ice maker, and ice production ≥ 10T/D is called a large cbfi ice machine) From the above The data can be preliminarily inferred that the commercial flake ice machine in the supermarket is in the range of 10T. According to the use conditions of commercial flake ice machines in supermarkets, they can be divided into the following methods: 1. The overall air-cooled unit (mainly small tonnage, small area, can be directly placed in the store, directly fetch ice, without ice truck, Convenient and fast. Due to the central air-conditioning in the store, the operating environment of the unit is better, the condensing pressure of the unit is relatively stable, and the working life of the unit is longer). 2. Split air-cooled unit (A: The air-cooled condenser is separated from the rest of the unit, usually a medium-sized cbfi ice machine. B: The air-cooled condenser unit, compressor unit, and evaporator are separated. Due to the limitation of installation space, Large-scale ice machines are usually the main ones.) 3. Integrated water-cooled units (usually large-scale ice machines are the main ones.) 4. Split water-cooled units (usually due to special restrictions on the installation space, the evaporator is separated from other parts of the unit. Mainly large-scale ice making units). Some precautions for the application of commercial flake ice machines in supermarkets: 1. Fresh food stalls in supermarkets usually spread a layer of 50-100mm flake ice at the bottom, and then pile a circle of 50-100mm height around the stall. It can be observed from the process of flake ice stacking that flake ice must be relatively dry. Since most of the ice storage warehouses of flake ice machines in supermarkets are not equipped with refrigeration and cooling systems, flake ice cannot be stored in the ice storage for too long. Otherwise, the flake ice is easy to agglomerate, the flake ice melts faster, and the flake ice is not artificially consumed. This requires the continuous ice production capacity of the flake ice machine to be strong, and the performance of the flake ice machine must be very stable. 2. The space in the supermarket is all, so the units usually used in the supermarket will be in the form of splits, and the forms of splits are also various, which increases the purchase cost to a certain level, (the split usually requires Increasing more copper pipes, cables, and labor costs, the non-environmental losses of the unit will also increase, the output of flake ice will usually be affected, and the power consumption of the unit will generally increase. 3. The business hours of supermarkets are usually 7:00-22:00, which requires commercial flake ice machines to run 3-4 hours earlier and store a certain amount of ice. The flake ice machines also need to be normal during normal supermarket business hours. Running and constantly replenishing the consumed flake ice, this requires that the refrigeration system and automation system of the flake ice unit must achieve a high degree of accuracy. At present, most of the refrigeration systems of flake ice units have a relatively high degree of stability. The automation system usually adopts PLC control. If the automatic system has deviations, it must be maintained by professionals or supplier technicians. The maintenance period is too long. This situation is relatively long. Affect the normal business of supermarket fresh food.
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