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Cold water unit of choose and buy needs to know about it

The ancients cloud: theirs fight! So cold water machine the choose and buy, will need to first with cold water machine. Cold water machine is mainly divided into water cooled chiller and two kinds. Air-cooled chillers are usually one-piece, do not need to cooling towers, cooling by the cooling fan, movement and installation more convenient, but using limited area, such as sand bed is bigger, or the place with bad heat dissipation is not recommended. But the for lack of regional water resources. Water cooled chiller and can be divided into the open, hermetic ( Some called box) And the screw water chiller. Water cooled chillers need the cooling water tower and water pump, to extract hot water cooling, to achieve good cooling effect. But if you claim to the refrigerating capacity is very large, be about to choose screw chillers, at this time we usually call it water chiller.

users in combination with their own needs, choose suitable for cold water machine type. Then according to the refrigerating capacity of the equipment need to provide how to confirm the cold water machine model. If this user is not clear how to calculate the refrigerating capacity, cold water machine salesman will also help you accounting number corresponding to the cold water machine.

cold water machine:
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