Cold water structure and characteristics of the mechanical and electrical magnetic valve

by:CBFI     2020-10-12
Cold water electrical magnetic valve is mainly composed of electromagnetic coil and the valve, the cold water made coil mechanical and electrical magnetic valve some integral with the valve, is more of a coil and the valve can be fraction. Coil can be made with different coil or general standards for electrical parameters of the coil, choose cooperate with valve after use as required.
cold water electrical magnetic valve open and close condition is decided by the current state of electromagnetic coil, a normally open normally closed, normally open type electromagnetic valve closed when electrified, the normally closed type solenoid valve open when electricity. According to the structure and action points,
there are two major categories, direct effect and indirect effect, indirect effect of solenoid valves and diaphragm type, tray type, the piston type, type and combination control.
in addition, in order to adapt to the specific requirements of the refrigeration system, there is no open differential pressure electromagnetic valve and electromagnetic valve to open two steps.

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