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Cold water on the arrangement of the compressor and the lighting

The arrangement of the compressor in the second quarter

the principles of a, compressor room arrangement between
compressor within general set to start compressor, control cabinet, intercooler, total station to adjust, and the instrument panel. The rest of the auxiliary equipment general Settings between the devices. Arrangement should be according to the principle of refrigeration compressors and equipment, in line with the technological process, safety procedures, to facilitate Ann shoes, operation, maintenance, and compact layout, make full use of space, save area. Compressor between major operating within the channel width should be 1. 5 - 2 m, the main channel width should be no less than 0. 8m。 Compressor highlights to the panel or the distance between the assigned station should not be less than 1. 5m。 The distance between the two stage compressor prominent place should not be less than 1 m, such as bearing direction, can have spare space of the crankshaft. The compressor is apart from the wall should not be less than 0. 5m。 Water pump and oil filter equipment is not declared in the machine and equipment rooms.

2, the layout of all compressor

to facilitate the observation and operation, cold water machine compressor pressure gauge and other operating instrument should be geared to the needs of the main channel operation. Compressor air intake and exhaust valves should be located in or near the main channel operation. Setting height of the compressor intake and exhaust valves should be in 1. 2 to 1. Between 5 m, the basis of the height above the ground is more than l50mm.

3, compressor decorate a form

compressor decorate a form should be according to the type, size, the Numbers of the compressor itself, and according to the computer room building length and width ratio and the position in the general layout, garden. Specific arrangement such as single type, double column type, including double column type fork can be divided into two column horizontal type and double column vertical type.

power supply lighting

refrigerator power supply, generally belong to the three pole load. When the nominal capacity of refrigerator & ge; 15000m³ Or freezing quantity & ge; 60 t, belongs to secondary load, can use the circuit lines of power supply. Because the room is the main power of the cold storage unit, so variable distribution room should be near the room, for the sake of safety, equipment room inside and outside are to set the power switch. Once accident happened, all room inside and outside can be cut off power supply. Or concentrated in Ling device installation, room temperature through the hall and other places of drying. Refrigerating room should be set up within the call signal device.

cold smell lighting, between the cooling and o ℃ cold room should be closed under moisture-proof lamps and lanterns, other cold room lighting to allow hurricane transcripts of waterproof lamp holder of outdoor lamps and lanterns. Lighting switch shall adopt air switch or porcelain waterproof pull switch, switch should be installed to the rong cold room door. Cooling, freezing, cold storage, ice storage and cold room inside the hall illumination by 10 ~ 20 lx; Foot smell and packaging by 30 ~ 50 lx. Rooms, control rooms, regulating station, the place such as dashboards, illuminance 50 lx. Noise, in order to improve workers' working conditions, civilized production, ensure the health, according to the 'industrial enterprise noise health standard' smell of ammonia compressor must not exceed 85 db noise. To this end, can take placing sound-absorbing board, use silencers or sound insulation copy painfully measures, or set up a control room, lounge, etc to reduce exposure to noise in the room.
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