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Cold water machine - - You should master the knowledge

1, every month regular aftercare
1, checking the voltage is normal, lack of phase.
2, checking and on-site, operating current.
3, measure and on-site, concave and convex pressure pressure and temperature control temperature is normal. ( Low voltage for 1 at parties. 5 mpa/low voltage is 0. 45 mpa)
4, checking chain control circuit disassembly is loose, and aging.
5, checking the oil level and oil temperature is normal.
6, shorten checking machine if there is any abnormal sound and vibration of abnormal.
7, industrial ice machine system testing.
8, overall commissioning and testing.
9, regular checking freezing water, cooling water is not normal, when water becomes muddy water, metamorphic real-time change water, please.
2, annual aftercare
1, cleaning condenser ( Piled up run six months cleansed once) 。
2, cleaning cooling tower ( Water cooled piled up run once every three months are cleaning) 。
3, checking frozen oil and smooth oil system, when need to replace and make up.
4, checking and nurse main motor road system.
5, shorten the machine motor coil insulation test.
6, checking filter drier is normal, is there any infarction, needs to be replaced.
7, checking refrigerant volume, real-time compensate for refrigerant.
8, checking and revising bump pressure switch.
9, checking and revising the thermostat. Power supply voltage and phase number is suitable specifications, please contrast nameplate. ( Note 3 HP refrigeration electrical source is five line, the three-phase voltage is 380 ~ 415 v / 50 hz power phase line to R, S, T, neutral line ( The zero line) N, earthing conductor for double color line with E suggested that with fault phase shield machine, when the first light red light flashing lights or not when the phone is switched on and the alarm, and display the fault code can be group line is wanton two relative exchange, then close the switch after you can; 3 HP refrigerator under the single-phase power supply, the voltage is 220 - 240 v / 50 hz power phase line for L, midline for N, ground for E. Frozen water and cooling circulating water pipes is on line, and link the valve open; ( Please refer to the installation diagram)

1. Installation time please checking machine if it was damaged, choose the right place, in order to facilitate installation and maintenance.
2. The floor must be, installation of the unit installation pad or root, the degree of its degrees in 6. Of less than 4 mm and can run a unit of weight.
3. The unit should be put in room temperature for 4. 4 - 43. 3 ℃ within the room, the sides of the unit and above should have enough space, for broad shield work.
4. At one end of the unit should be set aside the cleaning condenser control suction tube space, also can take over the doorway or other suitable position hole.
5. Choose the most appropriate diameter of water pipe, unit power runtime and cold water system, cooling system and adjacent.
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