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Cold water machine with refrigerant

Using the way of the refrigerant

1. Without refrigeration, hydrocarbon and metal chemical reaction, in the process of normal use, will not have any corrosion.

2. Pure ammonia ( With more than 99% purity) With iron metal no chemical reaction, no corrosion effect; But, for aluminum, copper or copper alloy, or there is a slight corrosion. But if the ammonia in the water, that is to say, cannot achieve pure ammonia, has a very strong corroding effect.

3. Freon refrigerant is one of the best, because almost all of the metal, will not and it happen chemical reaction, no corrosion of refrigerant is very few, and there is no harm to human body, the price is relatively cheap, and easy to store. But, freon destroying the atmosphere, the harm to environment is very big, in more than 20% of magnesium and magnesium alloy, he is corrosive, it will happen and magnesium. When freon water, acid precipitation production, will react and metal, corrosion effect.

the nature of the refrigerant

1) thermal stability

general refrigeration temperature range: industrial ice machine is stable, allowing maximum temperature, does not allow more than refrigerant decomposition temperature. For example: the temperature is not higher than 150 ℃ of ammonia, choose the highest temperature of the industrial ice machine R22, r114, shall not exceed 145 ℃.

2) Metal corrosion of industrial ice machine

refrigerants, the function of metal is corrosion of metal components. Because of the refrigerant corrosive, you must choose a special material, or special refrigerants.

the refrigerant selection is a very important link, only the alternative refrigerants, can increase the work efficiency, reduce the product cost, improve market competitiveness. On the choice of refrigerant, cold water machine has a lot of experiments and research, adhering to the dominated by technology development concept, not only improve, strive for the best products and support services at the same time.
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