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Cold water machine what are the requirements on the performance of the compressor oil

Cold water machine what are the requirements on the performance of the compressor lubricant?
refrigeration compressor is a component of the chillers priority, so it used lubricating oil ( Also known as frozen oil) Demanding. In order to ensure that the cold water machine the compressor to operate properly, must make the performance of the lubricating oil meet the following requirements.
  ( 1) Compatibility: to cold water machine compressor selection of lubricating oil, must be with the cold water machine adopts the industrial ice machine and materials such as compatibility, so as to reduce the adverse factors of the cold water machine.
  ( 2) Viscosity, viscosity is weighing the main characteristics of lubricating oil is good or bad, it not only decide the lubricating oil lubrication performance, but also affect the compressor performance of water chiller, and cooling and sealing performance of friction parts.
  ( 3) Acid value: if give pause in cold water with acid is contained in lubricating oil, will be directly on the cold water machine the metal corrosion, seriously affect the service life of cold water machine.
  ( 4) Cloud point: when selecting a lubricating oil, to choose the cloud point is lower than the evaporation temperature, cold water machine or paraffin wax precipitation, will block the cold water machine the throttle body and affect the normal operation of cold water machine.
  ( 5) Condensation point: although industry used for cold water machine is different, but frozen oil solidifying point, generally less than - 40℃。
  ( 6) Flash: normally, cold water machine for lubricating oil flash point is not lower than 150 ℃. If frozen oil with low flash point, can cause oil coking burning, even so, frozen oil flash point must be higher than the temperature of more than 15 ~ 30 ℃.
  ( 7) Chemical stability and oxidation stability of lubricating oil must be within the prescribed scope.
  ( 8) To pause in cold water with lubricating oil, make sure no moisture content in lube oil, mechanical impurities or sol.
  ( 9) Breakdown voltage: this is the index of frozen oil electric insulation performance.
a good quality and stable running of the cold water machine, inseparable from the performance of compressor. It is like the heart of the human body, holds the power in life and death. Therefore, in the process of users in the use of cold water machine, regularly check the status of lubricating oil and, when necessary, be sure to replace oil brand and model number as cold water factory, to ensure the safe and normal operation of cold water machine.

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