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Cold water machine welding

At work, for cold water machine welding because of different materials, simple can be divided into silver soldering, brazing, soldering, argon arc welding. Here the technology but each has his strong point.

in low-temperature laboratory techniques commonly used welding method with silver welding, brazing, soldering, argon arc welding and friction welding of cash at home and abroad.

1) Silver welding it is the most common and low temperature test work with at most a welding method. When welding, it use of acetylene and oxygen ( Fuel) The flame, heating and melting welding silver solder.

silver solder is a kind of hard solder. It is generally have Au - Cu- Zinc alloy composition, its content is 40% ~ 60% Ag, Cu 20% ~ 40%, 10% ~ 20% zinc, melting point is 600 ~ 800 ℃.

silver solder used borax and sodium fluoride ( Potassium) As flux, the former is used to high melting point of solder, the latter is used in the low melting point of solder. Borax can dissolve metal oxide.

2) Brazing welding method of it with silver welding broadly similar, except that it had higher melting point, About 840 ℃) , USES copper solder, its called brazing solder powder.

3) Tin solder welding in the low temperature test also use a lot of welding work. It is generally the lead - Tin alloy solder ( Also known as soft solder) , usually solder composition: 63% zinc, 37% Pb. Its melting point is 183 ℃.

soldering flux has a neutral rosin, rosin alcohol semen, or oil glue, zinc chloride and ammonium chloride etc. When use the soldering welding different metal, commonly used ZnCl2 strong flux, welding of stainless steel used strong hydrochloric acid solution.

welding can effectively save the cost, also is the use of a lot of products to choose way, in the process of the real welding, can find a lot of problems, is also the important guarantee of the product. Found the problem, solve the problem.
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