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Cold water machine water cooling towers

According to their own way to heat cold water machine can be divided into air-cooled chiller and water cooled industrial ice machine, as the name implies, water cooled chiller is cold water machine in the process of refrigeration heat taken away by water flow, so the heat can be taken away, Or heat) The water temperature is not high, otherwise will not heat dissipation effect. Heat transfer of water and water cooled industrial ice machine, generally have running water and groundwater, but in order to save energy, we generally use the cooling tower will use water circulation. Water cooled industrial ice machine generally use of cooling tower are various.

according to the flow of air and water, water cooled chiller used cooling towers are divided into counterflow and cross-flow;

the power of the ventilation, cooling towers can be divided into mechanical draft cooling tower and natural ventilation cooling tower;

materials according to the mechanism, cooling towers are divided into glass fiber reinforced plastic cooling tower and concrete cooling towers;

the water cooled chillers are commonly used cooling towers for FRP cooling tower.

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