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Cold water machine, water cooling

Water cooling equipment and the cooling effect

there are many kinds of water cooling equipment, but is now commonly used cold water machine, cooling tower, according to the ventilation way can be divided into two categories: natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. Natural ventilation cooling tower are open and tower, respectively by using cross flow and countercurrent ventilation. Mechanical ventilation cooling tower blower type, induced draft, adopt the counterflow ventilation; Jet used cross-flow ventilation.

who cooling tower cooling principle of

drop in cooling tower water temperature is the heat dissipation, exposure to heat and radiation cooling combined action result. Water distribution system will be water evenly sprinkled on the water spray device, water droplets and the water film formation, increase the contact area between the atmosphere and water and exposure time. Evaporative cooling effect is due to the kinetic energy is larger the surface of the water molecules, the first to overcome the cohesive force of water, spill over into the air from the water surface, reduce the average kinetic energy of other molecules, the temperature of the water decreases. When the water temperature below the boiling point, as long as the water saturation vapor pressure is greater than water vapor partial pressure in the air, on the surface of the water meter evaporation must exist. So the evaporative cooling of water can make the water temperature is lower than the temperature of the air.

cold role is to set up a warehouse can make easy corrosion product for storage of cryogenic environment, keep food original quality to the largest extent. So the quantity of heat of internal and external temperature affect the warehouse to warehouse all removed, to ensure the stability of library temperature. In order to guarantee this condition, you need to have a corresponding refrigeration equipment, refrigerating capacity resulting from it should cause temperature fluctuations of inside and outside the library matching all kinds of the heat released by the heat source, therefore, in the before choosing refrigeration equipment, refrigeration technology design to calculate the cooling load size warehouse, as according to the matching refrigeration compressor and auxiliary equipment, etc.

cold storehouses of cooling load in a year the four seasons is not constant, its size by outdoor temperature, food cold working process requirement, the amount of cold work products, and the factors such as operation management mode. Therefore, in general, to calculate the maximum cooling load between the cold, and then when determining warehouse cooling load, according to different conditions, for some of the cold room cooling load times of different coefficient of correction.
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