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Cold water machine used liquid He dissolve dilution

He is a lot of scientists to study the elements, has spent his lifetime manager with pious gratitude mentality, with the help of predecessors' experience, use of science and technology to change the product, so as to achieve higher achievement, the real return the science to the public.

laboratory, under the efforts of engineers, with He diluted experience, in the cold water machine, ultra-low temperature freezer, rushing the lyophilizer He experiment, thus improved the equipment, especially on some of the larger cold water machine equipment, such as: industrial water chillers, there has been a qualitative change.

was familiar with once He elements in the first place. He solution is to point to He solution after dissolved in He wholeheartedly the mixed liquid, at 0. More than 87 k he mixture is uniform mixture, but in 0. Below 87 k he began mixing fluid phase separation occurred ( Also as low temperature separation) : a photograph is he concentrated phase ( He liquid) containing a higher proportion of he Another phase is he dilute phase ( He liquid containing he less) , in the lab, line is the phase separation between two phase region, this separation is a liquid separation, and the traditional separation or is there a difference. In the phase separation zone and the dilute phase boundary between in the dissolution curve of dilute solution. As temperatures continue to fall, he and he under the temperature of impassability, with thick loose two each with different concentration in equal balance. Column, such as, when t = 0. 5 k, including 90 he concentrated phase liquid) , but it is in balance with diluted 10; When t = 0, side in full pure ammonia produced fluid, and 6. 4 hhe fluid in a state of balance.

due to the small atomic mass than he, he, therefore he enriched the dilute phase compared to light, he always floating in the dilute phase, and has a clear interface layer between them.

from the surface, the refrigeration equipment upgrades, feeling the impact is not big, but the really big increase, only to improve the dissolution, to improve efficiency, a real changes in the dissolved gas, natural than does not completely dissolved solids to directly and effectively. In contrast to other refrigerants, has the advantage of this to be reckoned with, and if someone, there are institutions with strength have the ability to constantly to develop liquid He refrigeration, predicted that future.

— — On August 30, 2013. Reproduced indicate the source:
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