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Cold water machine use

Cold water machine use:

there are a lot of plastic theory, so the sealing type water-cooled cold water it is a box body structure, so popular. But if you claim to the refrigerating capacity is very large, be about to choose screw industrial ice machine, we usually call water chillers, at this time most of the manufacturers, if you are looking for cold water machine the requirement of the compressor will reach more than 100 HP home some simple water you use screw water industrial ice machine. Method. Hope can be some help for my friends.

first of all, I for selection but because American, sealing a few: general manufacturers, production water cooling and air cooling two kinds.

the wind cold water machine, in its words, so I advise you to modified water cooling. Because the wind cold has a meeting at the top of the machine spewed steam to heat the

cold water machine, water and taste can be divided into open type ( Some called box) And the screw. Must first statement, water-cooled chillers, are also the cooling water tower and water pump, to pump hot water cooling. To achieve good cooling effect. Open the cold water machine, and also arranged a water tank, not the sealed, because his own built in a tank. Open generally installed in the workshop outside somewhere, he maintenance is convenient, the body contains the heat preservation water tank and not enough to clarify what are the factory, cold water machine or need machines with circulating water and cold water machine [ 3] ( 4] Circulating oil cooling friend, at the time of purchase industrial cold water machine, often do not know with what kind of cold water machine, to meet their requirement of refrigeration effect, or that I don't know what kind of machine is more suitable for their own production workshop. Machine, because

I want to tell big pump, no need to add cooling towers for heat dissipation. Installation types and mobile is very convenient. But it to the work environment the demand is higher, first of all, because it is cooling in hot air circulation, so, if the installation workshop ventilation effect is bad, will directly affect the cold water machine the refrigeration effect. In addition, if you want to put cold water machine with humidity requirements of dust-free workshop.
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