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Cold water machine the two-stage compression refrigeration cycle and its classification

Cold water machine the refrigeration cycle has a single stage compression refrigeration cycle and two-stage compression refrigeration cycle. Single stage compression refrigeration cycle is commonly used, will no longer be explained here.
what is cold water machine the two-stage compression refrigeration cycle? Two stage, refers to the: from the evaporating pressure to the condensing pressure through two-stage compression mechanical compression refrigeration cycle, mainly through two-stage compression type industrial cold water machine.
cold water machine the two-stage compression refrigeration cycle is on the basis of the single stage compression refrigeration cycle. Two-stage compression type industrial cold water machine working principle: the compression process is divided into two phases, the first stage: the refrigerant vapor from the evaporator in the low pressure stage compressor is compressed, then enter the intercooler cooling; The second stage, the industrial ice machine vapor into the high pressure stage compressor compression to the condensing pressure.
cold water machine the two-stage compression refrigeration cycle according to the following two ways:
1, LAN: two-stage compressor is composed of a compressor, several of which cylinder as the high pressure cylinder, the remaining few cylinder as a low pressure cylinder, the proportion of the number of cylinders is 1:3, or is 1:2, this kind of compressor is often referred to as single stage compressor.
2, two-stage system: double machine is composed of two stage compressor, including one for low voltage level, the other for the high pressure stage;
in the manner of the throttle and cooling, cold water machine the two-stage compression refrigeration cycle can be divided into: two-stage compression level throttle cycle and two-stage compression two-stage throttling cycle. Primary throttling: refers to the condensing pressure throttle to evaporating pressure directly. Two-stage throttling: refers to the industrial ice machine from the first condensing pressure throttle pressure the middle, and then by the intermediate pressure throttle to evaporation.
for industrial water chiller refrigeration cycle in the middle of the cool completely, is refers to the low level of exhaust cooling into the dry saturated steam under medium pressure, if only to reduce temperature and not saturated state, we call it the middle not cool completely.
using primary throttling refrigerating liquid directly from condensing pressure throttling to evaporation pressure, therefore, can make use of the differential pressure to realize long distance or height for liquid, but also easy to adjust, so its application is more extensive.

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