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Cold water machine the turbo compressor

Turbine compressor is to point to by a fixed involute scroll plate and a involute is eccentric rotary translational movement of compressible volume of orbiting scroll refrigeration compressor. Its working principle is to use dynamic vortex disk and static vortex disk of meshing, forming multiple compression chamber, as dynamic vortex disk back translation, the changing of the compression chamber volume to gas compressor. It is mainly: the characteristics of high efficiency, its suction, compression, exhaust process is continuous unidirectional, and small suction gas harmful to overheating. Torque changes little, little vibration, low noise and is not sensitive to liquid impact, are drawn into the industrial ice machine gas is allowed in the cylinder with the palm, a small amount of liquid spray circulation is adopted. And it is easy to use gas injection cycle. It generally small, usually forty percent smaller than the live game type, light weight by fifteen percent. Due to the small size, and compression efficiency is higher, so the need to manufacture high precision processing equipment and method with accurate self-aligning assembly technology, and the cost is higher also.
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